Sixth grade is an amazing year of transition to the IHM Middle School. Students switch teachers for each class, utilize lockers, and enjoy the freedom and responsibility of being in the middle school hallway. Students continue to grow in their expression of the virtues, and devleop leadership qualities. Academic rigor increases as students are challenged with complex thinking, more homework, and meaningful application of course material.



The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), Theology of the Body

English & Language Arts

Reading & responding to literature; study of grammar & sentence structure; vocabulary development; written expression


6th Grade Math: Numerical Expressions and Factors, Fractions and Decimals, Algebraic Expressions and Properties, Areas of Polygons, Ratios and Rates, Integers and the Coordinate Plane, Equations and Inequalities, Surface Area & Volume, Statistical Measures, Data Displays


Physical Science –  chemistry, atomic structure, chemical reactions, force and motion, energy transformations, sound and light, and electricity and magnetism are some of the main topics explored. Hands-on inquiry experiments and collaboration projects are frequently used

Social Studies

Global Studies