Seventh grade demonstrates emerging leadership qualities by being role models, developing relationships, and being responsible for virtuous behaviors. Academic courses are challenging, while still thriving on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills that seventh graders possess.



The Christian Scriptures (New Testament), Confirmation, Theology of the Body

English & Language Arts

Reading & responding to literature; utilizing skillset in grammar & sentence structure to further develop writing; vocabulary development using Greek and Latin roots


  • 7th Grade Math: Integers, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Ratios and Proportions, Percents, Constructions and Scale Drawings, Circles and Area, Surface Area and Volume, Probability and Statistics
  • Pre-Algebra: Rational Numbers and Equations, Proportions and Similarity, Linear and Nonlinear functions, Two and Three- Dimensional Space, Data Sets


Life Science –  cell structure and function, genetics, ecology, natural selection, diversity of life, and human biology are all topics explored using hands-on investigations and inquiry labs. There is an emphasis on issues relating the dignity of life and God’s expression of love in nature.

Social Studies

U.S. History