Eighth grade challenges students to demonstrate the wide range of spiritual, academic, and social gifts that they have developed throughout their time at IHM. Students are role models and tasked with leadership in new ways.

For their fall 2022 English midterm exam, Ms. Joey Savillo’s eighth grade students chose a topic to research. They were required to follow MLA format and cite evidence in their essays. One of our bright eighth graders wanted to know more about Generation Z versus other generations.

IHM Featured Student Essay



Confirmation, Catholic Social Teaching, Church History, Theology of the Body

English & Language Arts

Reading & responding to literature; mastering grammar & sentence structure, & applying it to real world writing: grants, essays, & research papers; building vocabulary using Greek and Latin roots


  • 8th Grade Math: Equations, Transformations, Angles and Triangles, Graphing, Systems of Linear Equations, Functions, Real Numbers, Volume and Similar Solids, Data Analysis, Exponents and Scientific Notation
  • Algebra: Foundations for Functions, Linear Functions and Relations, Nonlinear Expressions & Functions, Advanced Functions and Equations, Data Analysis


Earth and Space Science – geologic processes, rocks and minerals, geologic time, meterology, and astronomy are some of the major topics explored through hands-on investigations and inquiry labs. There is an emphasis about the human impact on the environment and our responsibility to take care of God’s Creation.

Social Studies

U.S. History