Eighth grade challenges students to demonstrate the wide range of spiritual, academic, and social gifts that they have developed throughout their time at IHM. Students are role models and tasked with leadership in new ways.



Confirmation, Catholic Social Teaching, Church History, Theology of the Body

English & Language Arts

Eighth grade ELA is all about writing for specific audiences. Using what they know about the conventions of writing, students compose various essays, including The Knights of Columbus “Faith in Action” essay, The America and Me essay “My Michigan Hero,” The Fall Gathering essay “What IHM Means to Me,” and The Killgoar Foundation essay.

Eighth grade ELA includes reading several novels and responding to them in writing. The study of classic writers such as Poe and Shakespeare, as well as writing poetry, completes the course.


  • 8th Grade Math: Equations, Transformations, Angles and Triangles, Graphing, Systems of Linear Equations, Functions, Real Numbers, Volume and Similar Solids, Data Analysis, Exponents and Scientific Notation
  • Algebra: Foundations for Functions, Linear Functions and Relations, Nonlinear Expressions & Functions, Advanced Functions and Equations, Data Analysis


Physical Science –  chemistry, atomic structure, chemical reactions, force and motion, energy transformations, sound and light, and electricity and magnetism are some of the main topics explored. Hands-on inquiry experiments and collaboration projects are frequently used

Social Studies

U.S. History