Fifth grade is an engaging and challenging year for students as they prepare for the transition to middle school. Students will learn how to handle more responsibilities as they deepen their faith and understanding along the way.



Taking a deeper look into the seven sacraments while beginning Theology of the Body lessons. Students will also learn about saints and participate in Bible readings.

English & Language Arts

Read and discuss a variety of chapter books and strengthen their understanding of literacy elements. Students will also practice writing stronger persuasive, informational, narrative, and research essays along with editing their work.


Fluency in two digit multiplication and division, adding and subtracting fractions, coordinate systems, geometric properties, measurement conversions


Physical Science- identifying materials based on properties, developing a partical model, exploring the effects of heating/cooling/mixing, gravity, and energy models. Life Science- plant growth, life cycle. Earth and Space- exploring the sun and stars in relation to distance from the Earth, changes in sunlight, interaction between spheres and distribution of water around the world.

Social Studies

European exploration, Native Americans, colonization, Western Africa, Catholic missionaries, colony growth, American Revolution, French and Indian War, American Revolution, analyzing the Constitution