In Preschool 3s we strive to provide a positive first school experience for each child in a safe, secure, and loving environment. Children are able to explore the world God created for us through play, movement, experience, language, and motivation. When paired with positive reinforcement, this exploration creates lifelong learners who are enthusiastic about school, are nurtured and developed.



In Preschool, we focus on an understanding that God loves us. We show that love to others around us through kindness. We also learn that God created all life. Beginning prayers including the Sign of the Cross are introduced and a general understanding that prayer is a way to talk to God is taught. Students also visit the Atrium monthly for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a space dedicated to the faith formation of young students through utilizing hands on materials.

English & Language Arts

Students gain reading readiness skills by exploring books and concepts of print. They identify likes and differences and are also introduced to common positional words (up, down, under). Songs, rhymes, and conversation are used to reinforce conversational skills and interactions.


In Preschool, many manipulatives are used to gain math concepts such as shapes, patterns, and counting.


In Preschool, we learn about the natural world that God created for us through experiments, trial and error, and exploration. Our outdoor classroom allows for play and exploration both inside our school building and out.

Social Studies

In Preschool 3s, practical and life skills are developed and we focus on learning how to play and interact with others. Simple oral instructions are utilized as listening, speaking, social, and emotional skills are developed and nurtured.