Fourth grade is fun and challenging year of transitions. Sudents prepare for the more rigorous expectations of the upper grades. With plenty of support along the way, fourth graders move into the practice of having regular homework assignments, using a planner to keep track of homework & tests, and receiving letter grades on academic work.



Continue to grow in relationship with God by studying the 10 Commandments, the conscience and sin, the Beatitudes, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. This is the first year in which students lead younger prayer partners during weekly Mass!

English & Language Arts

Read and discuss chapter books from a variety of literary genres and grow in an understanding of story elements. Practice each step of the writing process to produce longer paragraphs and short essays (persuasive, informative, narrative, and research essays).


Place value, two-digit multiplication & division, geometric shapes, measurements & conversions, finding equivalent fractions, and analysis of numeric data


Plant/animal structures, human biological systems, rock formations, waves and energy, and the human impact on the environment

Social Studies

The regions of the United States and the organization of our nation’s government/economics system