Preschool and Young Fives Classes

At Immaculate Heart of Mary, we offer Preschool 3s, 4s, and Young 5s classes. We offer two morning classes for both 3s and 4s, each with a teacher and aide, as well as one Young 5s class in the afternoon. As enrollment allows, an afternoon class of 3s and 4s is also available as an option to families. These afternoon classes would take place from noon – 3:00 p.m. on the days corresponding to the ages in the chart below. 

3sTues & Thurs8:00 – 11:00Ms. Gawronski & Mrs. SombatiMrs. Weber & Mrs. England
4sMon, Wed, Fri8:00 – 11:00Ms. Gawronski & Mrs. TallmanMrs. Cummings & Mrs. England
Young 5sMon – Fri12:00 – 3:00Ms. GawronskiMrs. Weber

Preschool 3s Curriculum Summary

Preschool 4s Curriculum Summary

Young Fives Curriculum Summary