Preschool and Young Fives Classes

3sTues & Thurs8:00 – 11:00Ms. Gawronski & Mrs. ClaunchMrs. Weber & Mrs. Ansell
4sMon, Wed, Fri8:00 – 11:00Ms. Gawronski & Mrs. AnsellMrs. Weber & Mrs. Bayes
4sMon, Wed, Fri12:00 – 3:00Mrs. AnsellMrs. Bayes
Young 5sMon – Fri12:00 – 3:00Mrs. AnsellMrs. Bayes

PreK Enrichment

Immaculate Heart of Mary School also offers enrichment classes for all students enrolled in Preschool 3s, Preschool 4s, and Young 5s. Parents may choose any day(s) and combination of mornings and/or afternoons to add to their child’s school schedule.

Mon – Fri8:00 – 11:00Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. BayesMrs. Keesee
Mon – Fri12:00 – 3:00Mrs. Davis Mrs. Keesee & Mrs. Southerington

Preschool 3s Curriculum Summary

Preschool 4s Curriculum Summary

Young Fives Curriculum Summary