God created children with a natural curiosity for learning new things. They learn through play, movement, experience, language, initation and motivation through positive reinforcement. At IHM Preschool, we are committed to providing your child a safe, secure, and loving environment to discover and explore the world God created for us. Our goal is for each child to have a positive first school experience. In doing so, lifelong learners, who are enthusiastic about school, are nurtured and developed.



In Preschool, we focus on learning more about our faith. A number of prayers are taught, Bible stories are read and discussed, and the Liturgical calendar is followed. Students also visit the Atrium monthly for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a space dedicated to the faith formation of young students through hands on materials.

English & Language Arts

Students gain literacy awareness through the introduction of the Zoophonics curriculum. Zoophonics is a multi-sensory language arts program based on phonics and phonemic awareness that leads to growth in pre-reading skills.


In Preschool, we use manipulatives and games to further math understanding, such as counting, sorting, patterns, and estimating.


We learn about science concepts through a variety of experiments and exploration, both inside and outside. We focus on the natural world God has created for us!

Social Studies

In Preschool 4s, we focus on developing strong social skills, learning to play and interact well with others, and developing friendships with peers, as well as following rules and directions in a school setting.