IHM School is a fully accredited PreK through 8th-grade Catholic school founded on rigorous academics and on-fire spirituality!

We take pride in having the freedom to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through science, technology, religion, English & reading, arts, and math. None of this could be accomplished without the support and sacrifice of our families and parish family.

Faith First

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary School employs the Disciples of Christ Virtues Curriculum whereby ALL staff bring the language of the VIRTUES into the classroom, on the playground and the playing field, on report cards, and in our discipline. The emphasis on virtuous behavior is our approach to both growing in holiness and in combating the trend of bullying.
  • As in any family, we believe older students have a responsibility to set an example for younger students, and likewise, younger students learn to respect older ones.
  • Accountability for our actions help us grow as students and disciples of Christ.
  • Our sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students regularly participate in diocesan retreats, which brings together middle school children from other Catholic schools to celebrate community and faith.
  • A parent-led Spiritual Growth Committee leads the Apostles of Divine Mercy Club in which students regularly gather for lunch and recess to pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The group is a feature on Holy Family Radio’s Fund Drive in October and May and performs works of mercy throughout the year!
  • Teachers schedule religion classes to spend in Eucharistic Adoration, with an impressive Youth Eucharistic Adoration (YEA) Program on Sunday nights.


  • Our 5th through 8th-grade students are 1:1 with Chromebooks.
  • IHM School has a 28-station Chromebox computer lab with a 3-D printer.
  • There are 50 iPads available for kindergarten through 4th-grade students.
  • There are 15 Clevertouch interactive displays in our classrooms.

The Arts

  • Our school has a band and music teacher. Beginning band and junior high band classes perform as members of the larger, combined Catholic elementary school band three times a year.
  • Our music teacher coordinates with the Parish Director of Liturgical Music for the annual all-school Christmas program.
  • All students in preschool through 8th grade have music classes.

Student & Family Resources

  • IHM School has a full-day Child Care Program to its offerings, open 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. for any child enrolled in preschool and older.
  • IHM’s counselor, Sister Mary Paul Moller, offers individual student and family support on-site, with assistance from her therapy dog, “Pico.”
  • Reading Enrichmentone-on-one tutors, and a Resource teacher are all at the ready for students in need of assistance.
  • We also utilize the services of All Belong Center for Inclusive Education and SLD Read.
  • We continue to monitor and improve our methods for servicing students who have special needs by utilizing Response to Intervention.
  • IHM offers art, technology, Spanish, gym, library, and music classes.

School Safety

  • IHM School staff, faculty, and coaches are trained and certified in CPR/AED.
  • The IHM campus is a locked facility with all personnel trained in emergency response.