The purpose of the athletic association is to:

  • Provide financial support for IHM athletics and the physical education program.
  • Promote the highest level of sportsmanship between respectable, faith-guided athletes and spectators.
  • Promote athletic activities.
  • Recognize achievements of all athletic participants.

Any parent with a student participating in athletics is asked to volunteer in positions necessary to carry on events at IHM’s facilities.

The How

Financial support is raised through fundraisers held during the school year.

The What

This supports pays for all expenses for IHM athletics including:

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • League Fees
  • Miscellaneous fees.
  • Physical Education, equipment, and supplies.
  • IHM athletic awards, letters, and pins.

The Why

It is our intent to make participation in IHM athletics a positive and memorable experience for all students.

The When

Athletic events can be found at IHM almost every Saturday of the school year on the diamond, court, or field.

Come on out, enjoy the competition and have a great time!